By Carol Davies & Cecilia Li @cecilialicc

The Toronto region is an ever growing landscape of innovative health science and medical technology startups and companies. One such company is Think Research — a medtech software company that provides expert clinical content and tools for clinicians.

Founded in 2006 by Dr. Chris O’Connor, Think Research was created at Trillium Health Centre, Canada’s largest academically affiliated community hospital. Ever since its foundation, Think Research has been harnessing technology to drive innovation and transform the way healthcare is delivered not only in Ontario’s healthcare system, but across Canada, Europe and the United States. In so doing, it is also enabling our healthcare systems to make a giant leap forward in efficiency of procedures, cost savings and ultimately better patient care.

Sachin Aggarwal, CEO of Think Research

According to Sachin Aggarwal, CEO of Think Research, incorporating the latest medical research into clinical practice is one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare today. “Every year, there are new clinical practice guidelines, new technologies, changing evidence and regulatory framework,” emphasizes Aggarwal. Thus, there is a growing gap between current practice and best practice in our healthcare organizations. “Our mission is to close that knowledge gap, so clinicians have the best medical knowledge possible to provide the best patient care possible, today.” claims Aggarwal.

Think Research is accomplishing this goal by translating leading clinical research into actionable tools and documents that can be used right at the point of care. In collaboration with clinical experts, Think Research has developed a suite of knowledge-based software applications, housed on a cloud-based technology platform called, EntryPoint, and is providing these tools to hospitals and other health care organizations to help care providers and practitioners stay on the leading edge of their trade.

EntryPoint Deployments in Canada

The EntryPoint platform enables Canadian companies who are small to access the marketplace through the region’s 400 hospitals. In addition, international companies looking to sell into the Canadian space can access the Canadian marketplace through deploying their third party applications on Think Research’s platform in exchange for a licensing fee.

The platform can also sit on top of or integrate with any existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) — a potentially huge cost saver for the health delivery system. For provinces and health regions dealing with a patchwork of legacy health IT systems, this allows them to deploy a single system on top of all of those older systems.

Patient Order Sets

The company’s evidence-based Patient Order Sets are one example of the many applications available on this platform. These medical checklists are used by doctors and nurses during patient treatment, which helps them ensure that they are practicing current, evidence-based care. “The province of Newfoundland has deployed our evidence-based Patient Order Sets across all of their acute care and long-term care facilities and Saskatchewan is doing the same,” notes Aggarwal with pride. “Ontario has recently licensed our quality-based procedures solution for 75 hospitals with standards across a patchwork of these 75 hospital’s health IT systems,” he adds.

Now licensed by 40 per cent of all Canadian hospitals nationwide, with a growing client base in the U.S. and in Europe, Think Research’s Patient Order Sets product has seen huge success in its short time in market.

Aggarwal attributes this meteoric growth to a recognition that, “there’s a new way of doing health IT and we are one of a small, but growing group of companies that are delivering extremely high Return on Investment (ROI) and very high value at a very low cost.”

Think Research is also envisioning a more collaborative and connected future for health care — where teams of clinicians can work together on managing individual patients and entire populations.


The company has created TxConnect, a unique, collaborative network to help clinicians develop the expert content used in their Patient Order Sets. It connects hundreds of healthcare organizations and thousands of frontline staff from across the healthcare community. Members can share organizational and regional best practices, transfer knowledge across disconnected parts of the healthcare continuum, and learn from each other in real-time.

“At Think Research, we’re breaking down barriers to knowledge sharing by leveraging years of frontline health care experience by thousands of clinicians. We’re breaking down the fragmented, disconnected nature of healthcare. The days of walled-gardens around best practices and critical patient information are coming to an end,” claims Aggarwal.

This can only lead to a more integrated, knowledge-driven health system in the future, where clinicians have access to the latest research to deliver top quality, evidence-based care at the bedside. With EntryPoint brought to you by Toronto’s Think Research, you can rest assured you are receiving the highest quality care possible?

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