The Board of Directors and Steering Committee of the Toronto Regional Health Cluster “TOHealth!” are pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Dibert as the new CEO of TOHealth!.

Elaine Campbell, Retired, Former President & CEO, AstraZeneca Canada, speaking on behalf of the TOHealth! Board said “TOHealth! has the timely opportunity to increase cohesiveness and global profile of the Cluster, in order to grow international and local investment in the sector, supported by a deep qualified talent pool. Stephen’s decades of experience and proven track record of delivering results bodes well for TOHealth!.”

Scott Kaplanis (Partner, Epic Capital Management Inc.) Co-Chair of the TOHealth! Steering Committee stated that Stephen’s extensive experience in healthcare, life sciences and health technology will serve our purpose of being globally renowned for our dynamic health innovation ecosystem and placing it among the world’s top health Clusters.

Stephen said “I believe TOHealth! has the opportunity to further promote the Toronto Region Health Cluster and become a leading magnet for local and global investment. I’m looking forward to working with our Partners and stakeholders in the Cluster to achieve our common goals."

Stephen served as the President & CEO of Medtech Canada (formerly, MEDEC) and was Senior Advisor for Life Sciences at Global Affairs Canada. Stephen is an advisor to life science organizations and a lecturer at the MBiotech program at UoTM.

Ella Korets-Smith, founding CEO, will continue to serve TOHealth! as a Board of Directors’ member and will be actively engaged with TOHealth!. The Board and Steering Committee would like to thank Ella for her leadership.

About TOHealth!

Founded by the Toronto Region Board of Trade in 2015, TOHealth! is a not-for-profit organization to convene and profile the Toronto Region Health Cluster. Our purpose is to support and promote the Toronto Region Health Cluster’s vision – a globally renowned health cluster.