Earlier this year, Shaquille O’Neal used his mind to dunk an Oreo into a glass of milk.

While it would be great to report that the NBA legend has developed the ability to connect telepathically with desserts, this cool display was in fact made possible by Muse. Muse is the world’s first clinical-grade consumer EEG device, the brainchild of Toronto-based neurotech startup InteraXon. The device, worn on the head like a headband, detects EEG (electroencephalography) activity in the brain, subsequently transforming this activity into sounds that are used to guide meditation.

Muse can be paired with smartphones and tablets to act as a mindfulness and meditation tool, providing real-time feedback on metrics such as attention levels and relaxation. It can also prompt users to undertake challenges and track their progress. The end goal is to improve brain health.

Following its creation in 2014, the Muse headband has seen tremendous success. It accrued $3.5 million in revenue in its first few months. Now, it is being sold in more than 60 countries and has been backed by celebrities and high profile CEOs like Google engineer Chade-Meng Tan, Indigo CEO Heather Reisman,  figure skater Elvis Stojko, and actor Ashton Kutcher. Some of the largest retailers in America carry Muse, including Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Indigo.

Muse is also being used in a clinical capacity: science research centres such as the Mayo Clinic and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital have been using the device for research. Research universities like Harvard and MIT have also made use of the headband for various research projects. Through collecting user data on Muse, InteraXon has built one of the largest commercial brain research databases in the world.

The future is only looking up for Muse. The company has plans to develop several new apps with unique applications. For example, they are currently working with partners to create device apps that address conditions like ADHD.

About InteraXon

Based in Toronto, this neurotech startup is working to create devices that alter the way we think, feel and behave. They are at the heart and the forefront of neurotech revolution which has seen the advent of several commercialized neurotech devices like Muse. “It’s an exciting time to be involved in this space,” says Dr. Graeme Moffat, Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Interaxon. “Mobile health is accelerating like never before as people take greater ownership of their own brain health, whether related to mental health or healthy aging.”

Read more about how InterAxon got started and learn about the company's founders here:

Muse is part of the explosion in “wearable tech” devices used to improve fitness — in this case, brain fitness.

Interested in learning more about what Muse is doing?

Check out the Muse website to stay up to date on the latest products and visit their blog to learn about mindfulness, meditation, and how Muse is aiming to transform and reshape brain health.