There are few establishments whose sole focus is to better the future on a global scale. Singularity University is one of them. The  Singularity University summits offer a forum for great minds to come together and tackle big picture problems.

For those of you unfamiliar with Singularity University here is a short summation of the organization’s mission; “‘ Singularity University ’ is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build an abundant future for all.” Specialties ranging from pharmaceutical medicine, robotics, and digital biology; Singularity U is bringing the brightest minds together to make big waves.

SU continues to grow and expand its programming. They have high expectations for its arrival in Canada now that the SU vision has extended its vision to include Canada and the innovators within its borders.

What is the summit all about and why should I care?

•    A two-way bridge between uncommon partners across communities, provinces and sectors, to enable us to bring the best of the world to Canada and share our best with the world.

•    A positive voice to overcome the anxiety of disruption and automation and inspire more Canadians to think BIG and global.

•    A forum for the wildly curious and most passionate to come together, ask questions and discuss our role in shaping the future.

•    A platform to change mindsets and transform learning from an activity we do early in life on a lifelong journey.

It is time for Canada to play its part in impacting the world for the better. Singularity University Canada put Canadians to the test by setting up the Global Impact Challenge.

Canada Summit – Global Impact Challenge

Singularity U Canada is seeking outside the box thinkers to help come up with ideas to impact the standard of living in a major way. Through the channels of advanced technology, SU Canada is asking you to create positive social change in the country and potentially on a global scale. Check out the 2017 winners!

The broad focus on this year’s search was directed at applicants whose ideas centred around climate change and creating sustainable environments.  Global warming is a well-known and escalating issue that has caught the attention of many internationally known difference makers. Now SU Canada has sought out its very own entrepreneurs on the subject matter.

2017 Canadian Exponential Leaders!

Other than playing a pivotal role in influencing change in a constructive way, what did the winners of this amazing title of recognition receive? “... a full sponsorship to attend the prestigious Global Solutions Program at Singularity University. The program runs from June 17 to August 17, 2017, and is held on the SU campus at NASA Research Park.” Keep your eyes peeled for the ability to apply for the 2018 Canadian Global Impact Challenge. Maybe you could win your way into the program and have a chance to contribute to positive change!