There is no doubt that patient safety is one of the most important aspects of diagnostics and cancer care. Patients across the world rely on their radiologists for accurate diagnosis, and on oncologists for precise cancer treatment. Radiologists and oncologists depend on complex medical devices to perform their tasks. Flawless operation of these devices is essential for providing reliable cancer care, from diagnostics to therapy to post-therapy care. A minor mis-calibration of the Linear Accelerator, or LINAC, can cause the radiation beam to kill entire regions of healthy cells, causing serious injury or death.

While healthcare professionals agree that effective device quality assurance, or QA, is an essential first step to ensure patient safety, until now the machine performance was tested and recorded using outdated manual techniques. As machine QA is an integral part of ensuring rigorous treatment, outdated testing procedures and inaccurate reporting can spell fatal consequences for the patient.

Acumyn’s flagship software, AQUA, reduces the possibility of human error, while automatically keeping machines compliant with the latest industry regulations. Accurate, efficient QA significantly decreases the risk of machine malfunction between test runs, ensuring that patients are never treated with defective equipment.

After recognizing the software’s capacity to redesign the modern QA process, Elekta signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Acumyn. Acumyn’s focus on patient safety and quality of care had enabled the growth of AQUA’s global customer base, reaching dozens of clinics and hospitals across four continents.

By means of automated, frequent testing, oncologists are now able to use a new QA workflow that puts patient safety first. Through the use of daily QA reporting, AQUA enables oncologists to predict future machine malfunctions, making it possible to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Cancer care providers can now be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to machine performance, ensuring that patients get a reliable and timely treatment.

The former Acumyn team will continue to grow its operations in Toronto, contributing to local cancer care through its close ties with UHN hospitals. Now, with additional resources, the new Elekta QA team will continue to enhance cancer treatment safety for thousands of patients in Canada and worldwide.