AbbVie is a notable organization that focuses on biopharmaceutical research and development. Not only do they strive to innovate and change the way diseases are fought but they are leaders in how illnesses are treated and managed. AbbVie has an intense direct impact on the lives of patients and health organizations globally and continues to be a leader in the industry

“Our 125-year legacy provides AbbVie a set of deeply held values. These guide our way, driving how we treat our patients and each other and how we design our strategies and operate our business. And they keep us focused on what matters most—our patients and our people.”

Richard A. Gonzalez, Chairman & CEO

AbbVie is making strides as a serious force in the biologics sphere as a whole. They continue to explore immunology developments as well as innovative treatments for several common organ diseases. “In the past two years, AbbVie has invested more than $6.2 billion in research and development, including a large commitment to biologic innovation. Access to safe and effective medicines, including biologics, is important to patients, to those who care for them, and to AbbVie”. The resources AbbVie has allocated to the future is evident and it only supports the company’s belief in what is to come for vaccine science and the development of other immunology products.

To keep up with their continued growth, the biopharmaceutical giant recently opened the doors to its biologics plant in Tuas Singapore. The 320-million-dollar project will allow AbbVie to continue its ground-breaking R&D in biologics. stated, “The facility will expand the company's capabilities to include biological products in addition to its existing small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient facility in Singapore”. The plant will be fully operational by the end of the new year and will also create over 200 jobs for those in the industry.

What does this new facility mean for the healthcare industry?

Building another space to help grow the biopharmaceutical industry tells us that there is a need to keep advancing. “Technology will allow healthcare providers to engage patients more effectively and enable the centre of healthcare delivery models to shift from hospitals to communities”, It is no secret that the population has been ageing and will only continue to age as the boomers flood the retirement stage of their lives. The industry is feeling this influx and AbbVie has demonstrated its desire to be proactive about it.AbbVie is a great example of an organization that wants to see an industry succeed through means of technology and is actively demonstrating that drive. They are creating jobs, improving treatments and bettering the quality of healthcare on a global level.